Culture connects in Ballymun

Victoria Ni Bhraoin from Ballymun grew up with family stories of a Great Great Great (maybe even more!) Grandmother from the Far East and she was eager to discover whether this story was actually true. This was the starting point for her research, and although she is yet to find this elusive family character, she did discover many strong females going back generations, all called Sarah! Victoria found out that she comes from a long line of butchers who all migrated towards Moore Street, so Victoria has strong family ties to one of the most historical streets in Dublin City.

Ida Mitrani was commissioned to work with Victoria Ní Bhraoin. Ida was working with the Around the Table project on delicate hand drawn maps of the Central area. Victoria liked Ida’s work on display on her website and Victoria liked the idea of a map of sorts for her research as the Northside and Southside of the river were significant to her findings. Victoria told Ida about streets, buildings and building features which had significance to Victoria’s life and her discoveries through her research.

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