Dublin once again gets short changed by Government community development grant – McAuliffe

The Chair of the Dublin City Local Community Development Committee, Cllr Paul McAuliffe has said that Dublin has once again been short changed by the decision of the Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe and the Minister for Community, Michael Ring to allocate just €64,000 to disadvantaged communities in the city.

Cllr. McAuliffe was commenting after both ministers jointly announced a €2 million capital funding scheme for community development in disadvantaged communities with just €64,000 allocated to the Dublin City Council area.

“Both ministers are making a mockery of community development in the city, and of the people and communities who rely so heavily on such organisations.

“Under what criteria would an area with a population of over 527,000, representing 11% of the State’s population, receive just 3.2% of the total funding?” asked the Fianna Fáil Councillor.

“Dublin City has some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country. Under any objective assessment of need, Dublin City should be receiving a far more significant level of funding than it has currently been offered.

“If we were to open this grant up for applications, we would receive in excess of 1000 applications such is the level of disadvantage in Dublin City communities.

“In my own constituency of Dublin North West, I could name well over 100 organisations that could make full use of the €64,000 all on their own, never mind splitting it.

“This is part of an ongoing trend of side-lining community development in Dublin City. This is the 3rd time over the past year where Dublin City hasn’t got its fair share of funding. Under the Healthy Eating Scheme and the Community Facilities Grant Scheme, Dublin City received the same paltry figure of €64,000.

“One might expect a rural bias from Michael Ring, but for the life of me, I cannot understand how Paschal Donohoe, a city based TD representing some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country could allow such a situation to arise.

“To make matters worse, Dublin City Council is expected to seek, approve and submit suitable projects to the Department by November 24th. This is neither feasible nor good practice.

“This is making a mockery of community development in our city, and demonstrates that there is no joined up thinking, and responsible decision making taking place at the very top of government,” concluded McAuliffe.

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