New scaled down shopping complex for Ballymun

Significantly smaller than previous Treasury Holdings proposal

McAuliffe calls for inclusion of residential units

Dublin City Councillors in Ballymun will this week consider an offer of €1.8 million for a site on Ballymun Main Street which it’s proposed will be developed into a new retail complex.

The site is part of a brown field site that was once occupied by three blocks of high rise flats, which were demolished as part of the Ballymun Regeneration Project.

The Fianna Fáil Leader on Dublin City Council Paul McAuliffe has welcomed the proposal, describing it as the first significant private investment in Ballymun in years. However he has also called for the plans to be amended to include residential units.

The Ballymun Councillor explained, “This investment will bring much needed shopping facilities to Ballymun following the Council’s decision to purchase and close the old shopping centre built in the 1960’s. The area is already serviced by a good quality supermarket run by SuperValu but at the moment there is little choice for locals.

“The plans presented to Councillors include three large sized units which are being developed with particular retailers in mind. This is not the old style speculative development that’s likely to lie empty for many months. I will be seeking assurances that tenants are in place before this deal goes ahead. Ballymun needs more shops in the area not more empty buildings.

“The development will be subject to planning permission and there may be some revision needed, including the need for the development to be higher to match the existing streetscape and for some element of housing to be included.

“It is disappointing that such a central site with great transport links that allows up to six stories does not have any housing element to it. We all know that more housing is needed in the city and it is concerning that a developer doesn’t feel there is a financial case to include it. I will be proposing that the plans are amended to include residential units.”

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