McAuliffe welcomes Finglas ‘Safe disposal’ campaign for unused medicine

As part of Finglas Community Safety Week, the Finglas Cabra Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force today launched its ‘Safe Disposal Campaign’. The campaign aims to increase public awareness of the risk of accidental poisoning, overdose, inappropriate sharing of medicines, and potential damage to our environment, resulting from unused/out-of-date medication in the home.

In collaboration with the pharmacies in the Finglas and Cabra area, the campaign also encourages the public to bring unused/out-of-date medication to their local pharmacy where they can be disposed of free of charge.

Speaking after the launch Cllr Paul McAuliffe said “almost every home will have out-of-date or unused medicines. It’s a fantastic service to be able to dispose of these safely at our local pharmacies. It is also important to highlight the risks associated with sharing medication which has been prescribed. There is a real danger of accidental poisoning and overdosing if you take medication which has been prescribed for a different person, particularly if you are also taking other medicines.”

“European patient organisations estimate that between 20% to 30% of patients do not adhere to medication prescribed, and 30% to 40% fail to follow regimens designed to prevent health problems. When long-term medication is prescribed, up to  50% of patients fail to adhere to the prescribed regimen. They leaves a lot of unused medicine lying around our homes.

There is a need for specific, detailed, Irish research examining the issues behind patient compliance and any efforts to improve treatment compliance needs to involve all the stakeholders, from patients and the public, to health professionals, to policy makers and medicines manufacturers.


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