Protecting Local Green Spaces

At the City Council meeting to consider the development plan, the City Manager  agreed to my motion to rezone four green areas in Fingals, which currently allow for development. They will now be zoned Z9 Amenity/Open Space Lands/ Green Network

They include the two green space at Clune Road / Seamus Ennis Road as you enter Finglas village. (They currently have the ‘Welcome to Finglas Village signs.)

They also includes two green space at Griffith Close and Griffith Heights which were zoned residential but which are important green spaces for local residents.

There will be future votes on these issues but i welcome the decision of the Manage to agree to my motion to proect these spaces.

I also supported motions by Cllr David Costello and others to rezone the Mellowes Road site which was the subject of a decision by an Bord Pleanala

Councillor(s) Cllr. Paul McAuliffe Motion

To change the zoning of the site marked in red on Map A at Seamus Ennis Road from Z4 to Z9.

Reason: To restore the site to a green area, to prevent peripheral development in Finglas Village, to strengthen the core of this urban village.

Chief Executive’s Report
Two sites have been identified in red – located on opposite sides of Seamus Ennis Road immediately west of the junction with Clune Road. Both these area are landcaped, maintained and include paths running through grassed areas and connecting to adjoining footpaths. These areas have been set out for mixed services under a Z4 zoning which allows for the expansion of the village commercial area. Given current use however, and the valuable amenity it offers at the eastern entrance to the commercial area, a rezoning to Z9 would protect this attractive area for the future. A planning history search shows no records to indicate planning applications on these lands.

Chief Executive’s Recommendation
Replace Z4 zoning of these sites with Z9


Councillor(s) Cllr. Paul McAuliffe Motion

To change the zoning of the site marked in red on Map A at Griffith Close from Z1 to Z9.

Reason to restore the site to green open space as it had been in previous development plans. To provide for green open playing space for homes built on surrounding sites in the last development

Chief Executive’s Report
2 areas have been shown on the map provided
These should be zoned Z9 to reflect their existing use. The main area is a triangular shaped piece of land in Dublin City Council control and surrounded by Griffith Close along the northern and eastern sides, and Griffith Heights to the west. The second area is more marginal – located at the northern end of Griffith Close.

Chief Executive’s Recommendation
Rezone the areas identified (in the map supplied withth motion) from Z1 to Z9


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