RSA to warn driving schools of inconvenience caused by overuse of housing estate in Finglas and Glasnevin.

For many years residents in the Finglas and Glasnevin area have complained about the over use of particular estates  by driving testers and driving instructors.  Following representations which I made to the Department and the Road Safety Authority, I am pleased that the Road Safety Authority has now agreed to ‘contact’ all registered driving schools in the area asking them to ‘desist’ from ‘queuing at known manoeuvring point’ and ‘outlining to them the inconvenience that overuse of this area causes’

In their correspondence with me the RSA’s Driving Testing Section  accept that in the areas mentioned by me adjacent to the Finglas test centre . There are 25 category B test routes operating .  In regard to their own testing routes they state that ‘they have tried to use  as much variety for manoeuvring points as is possible to prevent overuse by RSA operatives’.

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