Scourge of illegal dumping in Dublin is affecting services across the board

The scourge of illegal dumping in the Capital is draining major resources away from other important public services.

We need a properly resourced crackdown on those responsible alongside a public information campaign on the impact and cost of fly tipping.

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment revealed to our Dublin Spokesperson John Lahart today that over €1.9 MILLION was spent across the four Dublin local authorities in 2017.

Week in, week out I hear from residents about the growth of illegal dumping. Apart from the public nuisance, this activity also represents a public health risk.

Enhancing the penalties could go some way towards deterring those who are content with dumping their waste and making it someone else’s problem, but there are just a handful of officers employed to enforce important by-laws and fines on those responsible. A crackdown needs to be put in place and needs to be properly resourced.

“The true cost of illegal dumping ultimately falls back on all of us and this is only set to increase further as the problem worsens across the capital. Informing the public of the costs, public health concerns and environmental impact associated with dumping is urgently required.

The money spent by local authorities in their attempt to control the problem, should be allocated towards crucial public services, not dealing with other people’s disgusting behaviour.

The volume of money being diverted into dealing with this has grown to completely unsustainable levels. We need to see a properly resourced strategy to deal with it and Fianna Fáil will play our part in moving that strategy forward.”

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