Scrambler bikes terrorise Finglas

Over the spring and summer of 2017 the issue of scrambler bikes has become much worse in the area. Bikes on the old tip head has long been a problem for residents in Dunsoghley and this year we have seen more bikes using Tolka Valley Park and Kildonan Park. Any use of motor bikes in a public park is extremely dangerous and is against Council By-laws. However even more frightening we have also started to see these drivers racing on Cardiffsbridge Road, Mellowes Road and Tolka Vally Road using public roads as a racing track. Parents buying young children these bikes should know this activity is illegal. Its is an offence to drive a motorised vehicle under the age of 16. At the Finglas Safety Forum residents have urged the Gardai to take safe action and identify the small number of people illegally using these bikes on public roads. If you have information please contact Finglas Garda Station on 01-6667500

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