Shock as ‘much promised’ Finglas LUAS Bus will now bypass Finglas village.

For many years Dublin Bus has been promising a link from Finglas to Cabra via Broombridge. The Bus has been campaigned for by local residents groups and by agencies who serve both the Finglas and Cabra communities.

In response, In recent weeks the Government has been heralding a new service in the area with posters and press releases. However it has now emerged that the new 40L Luas bus will in fact come from Tyrellstown in Dublin 15 cutting through Finglas West only on Cardiffsbridge Road and through Deanstown.

This is obviously very welcome for those areas particularly with no existing service in Scribblestown and Valley Park however it will leave the majority of Finglas including the village with no luas connection at all. It also gives no connectivity for Scribblestown and Valley Park residents back up to the Village and Charlestown Shopping centre. A service starting in Meakstown and serving the village would have given greater connectivity to Scribblestown back up to the village and Charlestown, while also providing a LUAS connection.

We were promised a LUAS Bus link for Finglas and instead we have got a Tyrrelstown Service that skirts through. Finglas deserves answers as to why this was allowed to happen.

The government should have lobbied Dublin Bus to ensure Meakstown and Finglas Village and Finglas East were provided with a service.

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