Partnership Staff and Communities wait for phoney tender process to deliver €742,000 cut in Funding tomorrow. – McAuliffe

Tomorrow staff in community groups and local ‘Partnerships’ in Dublin will be keeping an close eye on their email accounts as Dublin City Council’s Local Community Development Committee announce the results of a tendering process to fund social, community and enterprise support programmes.

Leader of the Fianna Fáil Group in Dublin City, Cllr Paul McAuliffe has heavily criticised the governments handling of the process calling it a gross waste of effort, energy and resources. If the Minister wanted a merger of some partnerships or to cut the funding then he should have said this directly and been held accountable for it. Instead he has developed a complicated and phoney tendering process which has pitched different community organisations against each other.

In my own area two partnership companies Tolka Area Partnership and Ballymun Whitehall Partnership are tendering for the same contract. Tomorrow one of those organisations are going to have serious issues to consider including redundancy or transfer of related staff and closure of programmes.

The process is a farce. I am a Director of the Ballymun Partnership and whether they win or loose, it is not clear what will happen to the staff and community programmes which currently operate in areas like Finglas and Ballymun . The Minister has forced 9 different organisations across Dublin to jump through hoops and tomorrow four will be given the news that the funding for their jobs and programmes has been handed to a similar organization from a different area. We don’t yet know, if staff will be made redundant or if funding will be put in place to allow them to transfer to the successful company.

I am calling on the Minister to review his decision to cut funding to Dublin Partnerships and to put in place a support process which will inform the affected companies what legal implications and options they now have.  

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