Time for Dublin City Council to make space for Ballymun Kickhams

Local Councillor Paul McAuliffe has today called on all local councillors and City Council officials to accommodate Ballymun Kickhams and increased Gaelic playing facilities in the new Ballymun Masterplan

A new masterplan for Ballymun is due to be presented to Councillors on the 21st of March. The plan includes 31 site specific plans which should complete the regeneration of Ballymun. The local area plan identifies future land use for the remaining empty sites and those cleared of the flat blocks during the regeneration.

Speaking about the Ballymun club, Cllr McAuliffe said “For more than three years Ballymun Kickhams has been working to identify a site closer to the heart of Ballymun which will allow parents better access to their playing facilities. Pairc Ciceam which is located at the back of the airport has developed some amazing players for club and county and that national success has been part of the process of building a more positive view of Ballymun. However the nurseries in Trinity Comp, St Kevin’s are disconnected from the main site and so kids like my own son don’t always get the opportunity to mix with the senior teams, with their heros.

We have an opportunity to develop something really special in Ballymun, a Civic sporting hub that will host Ballymun Kickhams but that other clubs and community groups will have access to.

If the first draft of the masterplan does not include a site, I intend to resubmit my motion from the 2015 development plan and to identify the site of the old Balbutcher flat blocks. From speaking to other councillors, I know there is support for this and we intend to push it all the way even if the city officials drag their feet.”

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